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The original Henry, TN manufacturing facility opened in October of 1968.  In 2008, the plant was relocated to the current larger location in Dresden, TN.

Our plant has a combined 1,375 years experience, with an average length of employment being 9 years. This means that our quality and workmanship is far superior to other plants in our industry.

The very first home produced in October of 1968 was purchased by Dinkins Home Center of Paris, Tennessee. This retailer has remained exclusive with our plant since that time, and purchased more homes last year from Champion Home Builders, Inc than any other single lot location we sell.

Our Homes

A house is not just an investment, simply a roof overhead. It's where memories are made and families grow.

Every year, more families choose a Champion Home as the place that will house their future.

No other homebuilder is as uniquely suited to earning that trust. In business for over 46 years, we are an international company made up of many regional companies. We offer homebuyers the efficiencies of a large company and the specialized service of a small one.

With a large number of home building facilities located throughout the United States and Canada, we have built almost 1.4 million homes. We can offer our homes at a lower cost, yet with an expanded list of options to choose from.

We also have the largest retail network of any home builder, including Champion-owned sales centers, the Alliance of Champions, and independent retailers. So no matter where you want to live, we're nearby and ready to serve you.

And it's our local capabilities that truly bring it home for our customers. Our regional companies know their territories. Their expertise is built upon decades of serving their communities. Our representatives understand the demands and the traditions of their area because it's their home, too.

With a Champion family company, not only will you get a home at a great price, but a home that's perfect for the way you live.

We can make anyone feel at home.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their new home. After all, it's where people will spend most of their time. That's why we offer homes that are perfect for everyone, no matter how or where they live.

Champion offers a wide selection of floor plans to choose from. Generous, airy homes for large families. Warm, intimate spaces for first-time buyers. Smart, easy-to-live-in houses for everyone from couples planning on having a family someday to retirees. No matter where you are in life, we have a design that suits the way you live.

Because we are a company comprised of many regional companies, your home will look and feel like it belongs to the neighborhood. From the coast of New England to the Southern Heartland to the mountains of the Pacific North, the style of your home will blend naturally into its surroundings.

A perfect home - at a cost that's easy to live with.

Champion builds the homes people have been dreaming about, at prices they never imagined possible.

By being the largest home builder in the world, we bring greater efficiencies in every aspect of production. Because of our size, we buy materials at the most competitive prices. In addition, we don't use contractors - our builders are employee team members - allowing us to cut out the middlemen and their mark-ups.

Every family wants a home of its own. A yard, a bedroom for everyone, extra room to entertain. We're proud to help more families realize their dreams than any other company.

Equally important, the value of buying from us isn't just in the lower up-front cost. Your money will work hard through the entire life of your home.

Unlike buying a used home, you won't have to worry about hidden costs. Every home is built with high-quality materials, for longer and better wear. All construction is inspected and certified to our exacting standards, meaning you will spend less time and money on maintenance.

Every one of our homes is furnished with new appliances. We select only the finest brands. We're certain you'll recognize many of the names we use, manufacturers with a track record for performance and reliability. For the specific brands available in your area, talk with your sales consultant.

Best of all, you'll receive the benefits of owning a long lasting home without the long wait. It only takes a few short weeks from the day you order your home until the day you move in.

A solid foundation for your future.

Our homes are made to be wonderful living spaces for today and for decades ahead. Every house we build meets or exceeds national standards, the code set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 


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